With a series of recent events adding fuel to the debate over the Confederate flag, Alabama-born rapper Yelawolf has offered his thoughts on the controversial flag.

In an Instagram post uploaded yesterday (August 24), Yelawolf shared the picture of a man wearing a t-shirt with a Confederate flag in flames on it. In the captain to the picture, Yela went on to proclaim that there “Ain’t no way I’m letting some ones ignorance tear me from my roots.”

He went on to defend the flag, which he referred to as the “Dixie flag,” and criticized the media for “giving a false impression of who we are in the South.”

Yelawolf also listed the times a non-white artist from the South has worn the Confederate flag on an accessory or article of clothing. He listed Big Gipp, Andre 3000, Lil Jon, and Pastor Troy.

During an interview with Vibe magazine in 2001, Pastor Troy stated that wearing the Confederate flag takes away from its negativity.

“If us niggas start representin’ that flag, that’s going to make the racists have less pride in it. It’s like a victory trophy,” Pastor Troy said during the interview.

Early last year, Yelawolf posted a handful of pictures of himself wearing the Confederate flag. The pictures were deleted shortly after.

Yelawolf’s Instagram post defending the Confederate flag can be found below.


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