While taking part in an interview with Hot 107.9’s B High, Atlanta, Georgia rapper Rich Homie Quan recalled being invited to the home of fellow artist, Drake. In a previous interview, Quan referred to the Canadian musician as “one of the best,” and also added that he’s one of his idols.

During his interview this week, Quan revealed that he learned a lot from Drake during his visit to the Young Money singer/rapper’s home.

“Drake had invited me to his house,” Rich Homie Quan said. “For one of my biggest idols—I look up to him—To invite you to his house, you gotta take that invitation. You gotta take that invitation, but it was fun. I learned a lot from Drake. You feel me? Very cool though. Very cool dude, man.”

Prior to speaking on Drake, Rich Homie Quan offered a few details on his next studio album. According to the rapper, he does have a title for the project, but has chosen to keep it a surprise for the moment.

Quan also confirmed that Ryan Leslie will serve as executive producer on the album.

“Yeah, I know what I’m calling it,” he said. “I can’t give it out yet though. It’s a surprise. Other than that though, on this new album I put a lot into it…We really had fun. We got Ryan Leslie executive producing the album. So, I’m very excited about it. The production crazy. The stories I’m telling are crazy, but they all real life stories. And that’s what I want everybody to know. We not fabricating nothing on the album. Everything is real life events, man. Just talking about how I grew up. Talking about my kids, my family, my mother, my sister, everybody. I didn’t leave nobody out.”

Rich Homie Quan’s interview on Hot 107.9 can be found below.

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