Rich Homie Quan will be releasing a new album by the end of this year, he announced in an interview with HipHopSince1987.
Although he has no album title or official release date, Rich Homie Quan did say he has been collaborating with Drake, one of his favorite artists.

“Drake will be on the album, man,” he then added, “Right now, I’m working on Wayne getting on the album but I know that’s nothing on it.”

Aside from Drake and Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan has collaborations with Lil Boosie and Young Thug, he says.

Rich Homie Quan also has other upcoming projects in the works. He and Young Thug have been collaborating on putting out a new album.

“We are putting out a project but it will be, I think, it’s gonna come under Rich Gang,” he continues, “Most of our songs be under the Rich Gang Project with him and Birdman with the Rich Gang Album.”

Rich Homie Quan’s relationship with Young Thug is passed the countless collaborations they have together, saying that blood couldn’t make them closer. He said that they are always in the studio together. If one isn’t in the studio, the other one won’t be there. As he describes it, “I don’t go to the studio if he not there. He don’t go if I’m not there. That’s how we move.”

Young Thug isn’t the only other artist he has a close bond with. From advice to support, Birdman is always there for Rich Homie Quan, Rich says.

“I just get the best advice I can get from Birdman,” he says. “He the big brother I never had or the uncle I never had, you feel me. My father when I’m on the road. My dad stay at home. It’s all it is, man, he just want the best for me.” 

Regarding “the best advice” he’s learned from Birdman, Rich Homie Quan said that it has been his marketing skills. “The man marketing skills are so, I can’t put a word on it,” he said, “When I tell you man, when he say he the number one stunna, he the number one stunna man, to me.”

In recent news, Rich Homie Quan had suffered seizures and a head injury while filming for a music video due to heat exhaustion. Now that time has passed, he wants to clear the air on all the rumors.

“First of all I want to set the record straight,” he says. :I did not have a seizure. You can ask my security guard, you can ask my team. I fell out from lack of rest. Sometimes you gotta learn how to say no.” 

Rich Homie Quan explains that he had been on the road for eighteen months at the time, causing him to be overly exhausted.

“I just fell out and hit my face,” he says. “I did not hit my head, I hit my eye, you feel me. Other than that man, my health condition is great, been getting more rest.” 

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