Mike Dean says that Kanye West is still working on SWISH.

“It’s just in progress,” the producer-mixer says during an interview with Montreality. “Whenever Kanye says it’s done, it’s done.”

Dean, who has worked extensively with Scarface, Jay Z and West, also says that Travis $cott’s Rodeo album is also still in progress and that he’s going back in the studio with him to finish it. Dean says that he’s mixing Scott’s album and producing a few songs.

As for the greatest rapper of all time, Dean names one before expanding his list.

It’s “probably ‘Pac in my eyes,” Dean says. “Probably only cause he passed away. If he wasn’t passed away, I’d probably say like Scarface, ‘Pac, like Kanye, Jay Z. They’re all, like, on another level. I really like Rick Ross a lot, too.”