Mopreme Shakur was around during some of Tupac’s most memorable moments.

Recently speaking with Pac’s older half-brother, Vlad TV asked him about his relationships with certain people including pop star Madonna.

“We were doing press for Above The Rim and we were in New York and just like them, I was sitting there while Pac was doing the interview,” he recalled. “Pac, Marlon, they did it together and then Madonna came down and sat right next to me [and asked] ‘When is he finished?’ [I’m like], ‘A little while.'”

Mopreme also says that the two were a “thing” for a minute and how he got a note from her to give to his brother while doing an interview on the set of Above The Rim.

“She gave me a note to give to him,” he said. “[I didn’t read it] I was just happy she was giving him a note. Everybody was there, I went and gave it to him. He was about that business and then they linked up and I would take him to our house and shit when we got back to L.A. They were a thing for a minute.”

Mopreme Shakur also spoke about Tupac’s relationship with Janet Jackson and says that the infamous story about her requiring an AIDS test of Tupac on set for Poetic Justice is true.

Watch the full interview segment below:

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