John Givez says that his sophomore album, Soul Rebel, will be significantly different than IV Seasons.

“I took it real easy,” Givez says of his debut album to Rapzilla. “This album, I’m not taking it easy. I can’t. It’s too real out here.”

Givez performed at Legacy Conference this past week. The event featured appearances from Lecrae, Thi’sl and Jackie Hill Perry.

The Oceanside, California rapper-singer says that he thinks Soul Rebel is probably going to challenge listeners who shun people based on their different religious experiences.

“This album is being a voice,” Givez says, “a real voice for that every day person that’s wrestling with being a child of God and also just having this kind of like anger and rebelliousness in him, in her that causes them to sometimes ignore God.”

The Kings Dream Entertainment artist says that the album, due out in late August, is inspired by his own experiences. He says he is challenging himself, not just listeners, with this project.

“I wanna be the voice of reason that can hopefully bridge all that chaos for the person that just doesn’t, is not down with church, not down with any of that organized religion, any of that. They’re just, they’re just out here and they believe that God is real, but they have these terrible examples of who God is and their father maybe failed them. They got anger towards authority. It’s just, it’s reality, bro and I think a lot of us are too scared to talk about it sometimes. But I’m not gonna shy away from it anymore.”