Bilal spoke with Hip-Hop Wired in an interview released Tuesday (July 14). The singer-songwriter describes his experience working with both Common and Kendrick Lamar.

“It’s more similarities I would say than differences,” the “Soul Sista” singer says of the two rappers. Bilal says the only difference between the two is their demeanor in the studio.

“[Kendrick’s] maybe a little more serious and quieter than Common.” says Bilal. “Common is like a jokester. It’s like high school. You got to have quick snap backs. If you’re quiet, he’ll just mess with you. He likes to make fun of people.”

Despite the minor differences, Bilal describes their goals as what is common between the two.

“It’s the same drive. The goal and the focus is the same,” the singer says. “We’re doing music for our people and we’re trying to make a statement with this platform that we have been given. I take that and I feel that when I work with them.”

The Philadelphia singer-songwriter has worked with Common and Kendrick on several of their respective projects, including “The 6th Sense” on Common’s 2000 album, Like Water For Chocolate, and more recently “Institutionalized,” and “These Walls” on Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly.

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