A new list discusses the impact of Kendrick Lamar, an artist who has gone above and beyond to change music and the world around him over the past few years.

“5 Ways Kendrick Lamar Has Changed The Game” is a list from pepsi.com celebrating Top Dawg Entertainment’s crowning jewel, a truly one of a kind act within today’s Hip Hop scene.

As the piece says, “Arriving out of thin air, Kendrick Lamar’s appearance on Big Sean’s ‘Control’ shook up hip-hop more than anything else in 2013, calling for everyone who matters to improve lyrically or fall to the wayside. Though the song wound up left off of Sean’s Hall Of Fame, and many would argue he, J. Cole and others named have gone on to create the best work of their career since.”

Other highlights include Kendrick’s storytelling abilities and his shifting focus back towards Los Angeles.

To read the list in its entirety, visit pepsi.com.