Common and John Legend received the Oscar for Best Original Song for their record “Glory” from the film Selma at the 87th Annual Academy Awards last Sunday (February 22). While walking up to the stage to be presented with their award, an awkward moment was captured on camera when Common left Oprah Winfrey hanging after avoiding her high five.

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Common explained the situation.

“You’re just so in the moment that I saw David Oyelowo first and I was going to him,” Common says. “I was wondering if Oprah was really facing John [Legend] — I didn’t know if that high five was for me or for John so I just went safe [laughs]. I made sure I talked to her the next day. We talked the next day and it was like, ‘You know I wasn’t trying to play you out, right?’ [Laughs]. Never leave Oprah hanging.”

Earlier in the conversation, Common revealed some heart-warming words that he’d received from Jay Z following his win.

“I actually saw him out at some of the parties,” Common says. “He just was really proud. He said something to me that really touched me because he was like — he felt that I represented all of us; people from Hip Hop, as Black men, as people of love [and] children of God he felt that John and I were representing that with this Academy Award.”

Common’s segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live can be viewed below:

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