The stream of Chevy Woods’ The 48 Hunnid Project project is now available via Spotify.

Taylor Gang partner Wiz Khalifa appears on the project’s “Lookin Back,” while OG Maco is featured on the Arthur McArthur-produced “Whole Lot.”

DeJ Loaf joins the Pittsburgh rapper on “All Said And Done,” the collection’s lead single.

The stream of The 48 Hunnid Project is as follows:

(The initial article in this thread posted July 15, 2015. It is as follows.)

Chevy Woods’ first retail EP, The 48 Hunnid Project, is slated for an August 7 release date. After releasing a handful of mixtapes, Woods wants to bring something different to his audience.

“This is, like, a couple of years in the making for this project,” the Taylor Gang rapper says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “It took me a while to get the songs that I wanted, to record how I wanted, to get the right features, get the right production. It took me this long just to get everything that I wanted in place, I didn’t wanna give nobody, like, a mixtape-sounding project. I wanted to get out something that was a little bigger.”

The seven-track project will detail the Pittsburgh rapper’s life before his music career. The title is based off his childhood neighborhood.

“My mom still stays there,” Woods says. “I made that the title because everything up to now with the music and stuff, that’s where everything happened for me, that’s where I did everything. If I’m giving them a part of my story, then I want it to be something to do with where I created the story at. My neighborhood, Hazelwood, that’s where I grew up at, that’s where I did all the shit that I’m talking about.”

The project features Dej Loaf on the single “All Said and Done.” Taylor Gang boss Wiz Khalifa is also on the EP. Woods points out his collaboration with Rico Love as a song he is especially excited about. He has been performing the track, “Wit Me,” in his surprise appearances during Khalifa’s set on the Boys of Zummer Tour.

“The Rico Love song is special to me cause I look up to him,” Woods says. “For him to just bless me with a record and actually be behind it and tell me that it’s a great record, and tell me that I did a good job, I just feel that, you know, him looking out for me and him putting that song in place for me, just set up like that, it was easy for me. It was kinda already there and he set it up for me but I just had to come up with the words. So, the Rico Love song is special to me, just cause of the relationship that we have. We talk while I’m on tour and while he’s doing what he’s doing, congratulate each other, and it’s just, like, a good friendship.”

The 48 Hunnid Project cover art, tracklist and iTunes pre-order link are below:

Chevy Woods 48Hunnid
Chevy Woods 48Hunnid Back

  1. “48 Hunnid” (Prod. by Mitzfits)
  2. “Now That I’m Up” (Prod. by Sledgren)
  3. “Getcha Some” [feat. PeeJ and Post Malone] (Prod. by Ricky P)
  4. “All Said And Done” [feat. Dej Loaf] (Prod. by Ricky P and Anthony M)
  5. “Whole Lot” [feat. OG Maco] (Prod. by Arthur McArthur)
  6. “Wit Me” [feat. Rico Love] (Prod. by Rico Love)
  7. “Lookin Back” [feat. Wiz Khalifa] (Prod. by Ricky P)

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