Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods met one another when Khalifa was 16 years old, according to Woods.

“We were sitting in opposite studio rooms and there was this vending machine in the lobby,” Woods says in an interview with XXL. “And he was going to the vending machine and I was going at the same time, and he was just like, ‘I like what you’re doing, let’s make music together.’ And we recorded that day, this song called ‘Me,’ and from that day we just been cool ever since.”

During their friendship, Woods says they have taught one another a number of things.

“I taught him the street side of things,” Woods says. “Not too much of do this and do that. I told him what type of people to watch for and I think that he brought that over into the music business. He knows people to be like, this person is this way and that person is this way, so we don’t have to hang around them if they’re that way. And he taught me to keep pushing and keep working. He told me that from the jump. If you quit that street stuff and you do this, you’ll never be broke if you work. And I was like, well, so many thing can happen in the streets, so I’m just gonna go over here and do this. Work so I’m not gonna be broke. Cold turkey, I cut that out.”

Chevy Woods is prepping his own solo work. “I just want people to hear the music, ’cause I literally spent numerous hours trying to go back and forth to make the words correct and the sounds that I wanted to set,” he says. “It’s just all new things that I’m trying to do for my new career and my new project.”

Recently, Wiz Khalifa released 28 Grams, a mixtape unveiled in May

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