In an exclusive interview with Wild Wayne of New Orleans radio station Q93, Lil Wayne and the radio host compare the naming of Juvenile’s 1998 album, 400 Degreez, and Lil Wayne’s 2002 album, 500 Degreez; with Young Thug naming his album Barter 6 after Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter series of albums.

Lil Wayne says it’s not the same.

“It was a rebellion album, we was supposed to show that Juvie was gone and we were still here,” Tunechi says of 500 Degreez, which was released after Juvenile left the label.

Lil Wayne also says he had no doubts about naming his album 500 Degreez.

“I was young,” he says. “I’m from New Orleans. I didn’t have no doubt at all about it. I was ready with the chamber loaded.”

Even though he took a shot at Juvenile by implying that his 500 Degreez was better than Juvenile’s 400 DegreezWayne at first wasn’t happy about Rich Gang rapper Young Thug naming his album Barter 6, a nod to the Tha Carter series of albums Wayne is known for.

Lil Wayne has since had change of heart about his feelings toward the Barter 6 album title.

“[Juvenile‘s] was different,”Lil Wayne says. “When we did it, we had no problem saying, ‘Yeah, we don’t need no Juvie. This is 500 Degreez.

“[Young Thug] came out and said, ‘I’m naming my album such-and-such because of props. And I’m such a fan,'” Lil Wayne adds later in the interview. “That’s a total different approach. I’d have to be a monster to overlook that. I’m not that type of person. I’d have to be a monster to say, ‘I don’t believe you.’ If he says it’s from the heart and he’s some kind of fan, then I love him. Thanks bro. I appreciate everything about it if he’s a fan.”

Lil Wayne also announced that the Hot Boys – other than BG and including Mannie Fresh, who was not a member of the group – are slated to be reunited at his Lilweezyana Fest taking place August 28, 2015 in New Orleans.

“For the first time in over 10 years, I’m hitting the stage with Juvie, Turk and Fresh for a special performance,” he says. “It’s only right to put on a homecoming show on a weekend that means so much to the city. It’s the 10-year anniversary of Katrina, so it’s only right.”

Listen to Wild Wayne’s interview with Lil Wayne below.

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