In an interview with Rickey Smiley Morning Show’s Hip-Hop Spot, producer Mannie Fresh detailed the possibility of a Hot Boys reunion to host Headkrack.

“It’s all based off checks and balances,” Mannie said of a hypothetical reunion. “Actual checks. I’m not saying it’s not doable because we’re in a better space, all of us, as grown men. It’s doable. That’s what I can say.”

Referencing the lack of celebrity drama throughout his career, host Headkrack asked the producer who he would mentor in the industry if given the opportunity. “Probably Gucci [Mane],” Mannie Fresh said before speaking on the rapper’s continued legal issues. “I mean, you know, sometimes a mentality is a hard thing to break,” he said. “Let’s not even mentor nobody but just tell them what it is. When you step into this, this is a business, it’s not the streets no more. A lot of cats don’t get that this is a business. Somebody gon’ make money off you. Nobody ever told’em that. With or without you, they gon’ make money. So if you go to jail your record is still gon’ sell, they still gon’ make they money. And if you stay in jail too long, they gon’ move on and get somebody else.”

Asked about his longevity in the industry, Mannie Fresh pinpointed his identifying as a deejay first, producer second. “I”m a deejay first,” he said. “The producer thing just kind of took a face of its own but I’m a deejay. My job is to make you dance. If I’m not making you dance and move I’m a failure at what I’m doing. I feed off the energy of whatever crowd I have, whatever they doing and whatever I do, it’s gotta be a marriage. And I take that and make beats out of it.”

Talking about his cache of unreleased material, the producer said “I’m waiting just like you” of the possibility of future releases. “The crazy thing is dude, I’m the dude that do the music,” he said. “I say the same thing you say. I’ve done songs for tons of people, but the politics of how the music game go, that’s what’s crazy about it. Me, I’m waiting just like you.”

With a diverse production discography under his belt, Fresh added a note about an artist he’d like to collaborate with again. “Maybe Cube, Ice Cube,” he said when asked. “I’m a big fan of Ice Cube. I did do a song for them—what’s the group they was in? I did the one for Westside Connection.”

Earlier this year, Mannie Fresh described then-current negotiations for a possible Big Tymers reunion. “Facts and figures,” Mannie Fresh said. “That’s where we at right now. Facts and figures. We just trying to lay down a plan for it, a blueprint and we’ll see what happens from there…We just talking, ya heard? That’s all I could tell you. No verses, no music, none of that. We just started on negotiating, that’s where we at right now. Hopefully it’s gon happen. I’ma give you a positive note, hopefully it’s gon happen.”

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