Fans of the New Orleans-based duo the Big Tymers, which previously consisted of Birdman and producer Mannie Fresh, may have been taken aback last year when it was revealed that an album from the group was in the works, but would not include Mannie Fresh. Lil Wayne shared the news and informed fans that the album would instead consist of himself, Birdman, and Drake.

Following Wayne’s interview with MTV last year, few details in regards to a Big Tymers album have surfaced until now. Mannie Fresh recently chopped it up with MTV during NBA All-Star Weekend and addressed the possibility of working with Birdman on a Big Tymers album.

The Louisiana beatsmith revealed that he and Birdman have discussed a possible album, but are currently at the “facts and figures” stage.

“Facts and figures,” Mannie Fresh said. “That’s where we at right now. Facts and figures. We just trying to lay down a plan for it, a blueprint and we’ll see what happens from there…We just talking, ya heard? That’s all I could tell you. No verses, no music, none of that. We just started on negotiating, that’s where we at right now. Hopefully it’s gon happen. I’ma give you a positive note, hopefully it’s gon happen.”

In addition to possibly working with Birdman on a Big Tymers album, Mannie says he’s currently working with rapper Yasiin Bey on the duo’s OMFGOD album. He offered an update on the status of the project while speaking with MTV, stating that once Yasiin takes a break from his acting career they’ll be able to complete the project.

“We working on it,” he said. “Mos do movies for a living, so when he finish making movies, we’ll finish it. He gotta feed his family just like I gotta feed mine. It’s one of them things where I gotta work around his schedule. I can do this all day everyday but Hollywood is a ‘lil different, so soon as dude slow up what he’s doing, we’ll finish it and get it to y’all. I know the world waiting for that, so I’ma make sure it happens.”

Following news that a Big Tymers album could possibly be made without his assistance, Mannie criticized the addition of Lil Wayne and Drake on such a project.

“[Lil Wayne and Drake are] not the Big Tymers,” he said last year, according to

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