Mack 10 has been in the news quite a bit as of late. Unfortunately for the west coast rapper, he has been sued for unpaid studio time, as well as having to be hospitalized for emergency stomach surgery.

On the other hand, the ever-enterprising rapper recently released the album Money Musicwith Glasses Malone as Mack & Malone. But what of his past as a member of Cali super group Westside Connection, which consisted of Mack 10, Ice Cube and WC?

In a recent interview with VIBE, the rapper revealed that he has no intention of reuniting with Ice Cube – even on a personal level. “I haven’t spoken to Cube in a long time…like years,” explained Mack. “I don’t know if we will ever speak again. I haven’t given it much thought. It’s all about Hoo Bangin’ now. Outside of that, I can’t really think about it. That’s the way you have to approach this business right now. This is not 1995 anymore.”

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Additionally, Mack 10 spoke about signing Xzibit to his Hoo Bangin’ label. “He does his acting thing, but he can still rap his ass off,” said Mack of the veteran west coast emcee. “He’s a real emcee…that’s why I signed him. He’s been working on his record. It’s probably going to come out in August.”