California rapper Mack 10 is just the latest artist to be added to the growing list of Hip Hop stars facing lawsuits. Just days ago Lil Wayne and Young Money were hit with a lawsuit from New Orleans producer Deezle over unpaid royalties.

According to TMZ, Mack 10 is being sued over $2,000 by Rodger Carter the owner of The Doghouse Studio in Los Angeles because of unpaid studio time.

A lawsuit filed in a Malibu small claims court by Carter last month states that Mack 10 did not pay for 30 hours’ worth of studio time. Each hour in the studio cost Mack 10 $75 for a grand total of $2,165 owed.

Mack 10’s last studio album, Soft White, was released in 2009. He’s currently preparing for the release of Money Music, a joint project with Los Angeles rapper Glasses Malone. Money Music is scheduled to be released on April 12, 2011.

The rapper has yet to respond publicly to Carter’s lawsuit.