Vince Staples has been one of Hip Hop’s best new lyricists. Each of his projects have been met with wide acclaim and many consider him to be one of the culture’s brightest.

Recently speaking with HotNewHipHop, the Long Beach, California native spoke about a slew of topics including his past work and interestingly, the glorification of drug-making in America. When asked about his thoughts on NOISEY Atlanta, Staples says the series was “stupid” and that kids shouldn’t be looking up to what was portrayed in it.

“I love Noisey, I love VICE. I just don’t think we need to highlight people making crack in 2015,” he said when asked about the documentary. “There’s no need to show people with crack and guns. Where I come from, you’ll go to jail for that immediately. They will come to your house, and you will go to jail. Why are we showing that to kids? That’s Atlanta to you? That’s a thriving city with a lot of great shit, and you’re showing people selling crack and rappers with guns. That shit is stupid.”

The interview was focused on social justice as well. Vince says he doesn’t want his music to be called a reaction to the happenings in Ferguson, Baltimore and other locations creating headlines because he didn’t truly feel those situations. While he believes it’s relatable, it’s only reflective of what he personally has been through.

“Well, first off, my music was in no way tied to the events that happened in Ferguson, because I feel like I was not a part of that moment,” he explained. “I did not have to sit there and go through the hardships and heartache of the parents of the people that lost their people. My music was about my life, and what I’ve been through. Of course, you can relate those things with certain occurrences. What I can say is that life in general comes full circle for a lot of people, and a lot of us are more similar than we think. Music is about life, if my album came out in December it would still be called Summertime ’06. It’s not about catching a moment, it’s about creating one. If we want to create something significant, it has to come from something that we feel passionate about.”

Also during the interview, Vince Staples described his forthcoming LPSummertime ’06 and its significance as a double album. He also explained the title and says the Cutthroat Boyz (Staples, Joey Fatts and Aston Matthews) are just a collective and not actually a Hip Hop group. Read the full interview here.

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