Twista and Do or Die have become synonymous with one another over the years for both their Midwestern rapping style but also their native roots.

Recently speaking with HipHopDX’s Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte, A.K. from the Chicago trio and Twista explained about how fan bases have changed. With the rise of social media in Hip Hop, they believe it’s easier to establish a cult following.

“These days you can have your own fans you don’t have to compete on [a high] level,” Twista said during a segment of today’s (June 4) DX Daily. “You can if you’re trying to be at the top but at the end of the day you can have your own fans. You can sell out a show and nobody know who the fuck you is. [They could be] like, ‘Who is dude?’ ‘Oh, he got his own fans, man. He do that everywhere they go.'”

A.K. also relayed that if a group has been successful at doing the same thing for decades, they should keep doing what has worked in the past.

“What you’ve been doing in 20 years and if it’s lasting this long, keep doing it with no questions asked,” he said.

Twista and Do or Die released a collaborative EP entitled, Withdrawal on on May 19. The project features six tracks and emcee appearances by B. Scott and P. Flawz.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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