Fetty Wap’s new golden locks are more than just a fashion statement for the rising rapper from Patterson, New Jersey.

During a recent visit to Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” show, Fetty told hosts Peter Rosenberg, Laura Styles and Ebro that his new dreadlocks were a gift from a Newark, New Jersey woman.

“They’re real dreads, but I didn’t grow them,” Fetty Wap says. “[It’s] a lady that I know from Newark, who cut her hair off. She was a powerful person to me. She spoke a lot of positive things. Since I did it, the last 50 songs I’ve recorded, they’ve all been some of the hottest songs I’ve did, just from the good energy I’ve been getting.

“You don’t just put anybody’s hair on your head,” he adds.

Fetty also spoke about how his relationship with Kanye West, whom he calls a “fan” of his music, led to the Drake feature on “My Way.”

“Kanye text me and told me that he gave Drake my number,” Fetty says.

Soon after, he received a direct message from Drake saying, “I’m trying to get to you.”

Fetty responded with his phone number and Drake gave him a call.

“He face-timed me, saying, ‘They bumping it in the club right now. We’re about to make a movie. You ready for Canada?'” he says.

Fetty says the music video for “My Way” Remix featuring Drake will be shot in Canada.

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