50 Cent continued his tirade against Empire today (March 20) on Los Angeles radio station Real 92.3. Fif called into the show, where he was interviewed by jock Big Boy and once again he was asked his thoughts on the Hip Hop-oriented series he’s compared to Glee in the past.

Initially, the conversation dealt with 50’s series Power, in which he acts and serves as the executive producer. But the Hip Hop mogul diverted the interview when he began to allege that Empire stole his marketing.

“I have friends on the show, I’d like to see it be a success,” he told Big Boy. “Timbaland is the music coordinator...I like Taraji, I like Terrance Howard…Everybody is somebody that I’m kind of cool with. I want to see the show be successful. It took for me to get a chance to watch it, for me to be comfortable because it’s like okay, this is like Glee. This is like a soap opera, the way the music kicks in at different points and drops out the ambience of the room.”

50 also spoke on buying a 30-second spot for Power, which aired during Empire‘s season finale. The commercial stated “Empires are built on Power.

“I bought it as SMS Audio and turned it in as Power,” 50 explained.

After Fif and Big Boi both laugh at the stunt, 50 praises season two of Power.

“When you see this next season, ya’ll going to be really impressed,” he says. “Omari Hardwick has become a heartthrob… I get busy in this one. It’s going to be good.I am excited about season two.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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