HipHopDX attended PRHyme’s performance at Dragonfly in Los Angeles Friday (March 13).

During the concert, Royce Da 5’9 and DJ Premier took a brief break from performing tracks from their recently released self titled PRHyme album to talk to the crowd.

In a clip that premiered in HipHopDX’s DX Daily today (March 16), DJ Premier reveals that his emcee partner hasn’t had an alcoholic beverage in years.

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While Royce chugs a bottle of what appears to be water in the corner, Primo addresses the fans.

“I know crazy Royce but let me tell you something, even sober he’s a crazy motherfucker,” he shouts. “We did that whole PRHYME album sober. I smoked some weed, but he did it sober and you see the lyrics are still a bad motherfuckin’ problem.  Give it up for Royce, y’all.”

Check out the clip below:

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