Big Sean is tired of answering questions about his relationship with Ariana Grande.

However, Sean’s mom, Myra Anderson, couldn’t help commenting on the two’s budding romance when reporters approached Sean and her recently.

After Sean admits that he’s a “momma’s boy,” a member of the paparazzi asks Anderson her thoughts on Ariana.

“We just saw her last night,” she replies. Sean grins and gestures for his mom to stop talking.

“Ariana is amazing,” he adds, attempting to end the embarrassing moment.

“He was at the show last night, with Ariana,” his mom interjects. “She’s fabulous.”

“Momma loves spilling the beans,” Sean says.

During the press run for his latest album, Dark Sky Paradise, Sean answered questions regarding his relationship with Ariana from just about every media outlet he talked to.

While speaking with Larry King on Larry King Now, Sean Don told the esteemed host that he’s been friends with the 21-year-old pop star for “a while” and that it progressed from there.

When King asked if they’ll get married, Sean got visibly uncomfortable but said “eventually” he hopes to have a little Sean.

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