On a recent episode of Larry King NowBig Sean reflected on a time when he wasn’t so famous.

The Finally Famousrapper tells King that he can remember the times when he had to pay for his meals at McDonalds with change out of his pocket.

“It was times when I was spending my last $40 on studio sessions,” he says. “It was times when my parents didn’t have money for new clothes, new this, new that, I had to go out there and figure it out on my own.”

“Those are the things that made me who I am,” he adds.

King also asks Sean if his newfound success has changed him in any way. Sean shakes his head and replies “no” and grins, before recanting his statement.

“Maybe, it changed me for the better,” he says. “I’m definitely not the same person I was. I’m definitely a better version of the old me.”

Later in the conversation, King brings up Sean’s relationship with Ariana Grande. Sean Don tells the esteemed host that he’s been friends with the 21-year-old pop star for “a while” and that it progressed from there.

When King asks if they’ll get married, Sean gets visibly uncomfortable but says “eventually” he hopes to have a little Sean.

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