As many in the hip-hop community await Immortal Technique’s next album The Middle Passage he continues his onslaught against the government with his hottest mixtape joint to hit the circuit- “Bin Laden”.

The original version was featured on DJ Green Lantern’s “Sirius Business” mixtape, which was released around the same time as the election, caused quite a stir in the industry as Mos Def popped off at the mouth saying “Bush knocked down the towers”.

The new version features hip-hop’s political heavyweights, Chuck D and KRS-1, joining the fray as Chuck D states “Bin Laden didn’t blow up the projects/it was you…” as he and KRS join Immortal on the vibrant Green Lantern production.

With this causing quite a stir within the industry, it is no wonder why we can’t wait to get a taste of The Middle Passage due out later this year.