The last week of January churned out a number of big Hip Hop headlines with the release of a video for Kanye West’s latest single, Retchy P firing off randomly at Wale shortly after A$AP Yams’ death, and new revelations about Bobby Shmurda’s criminal case.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dre apparently has signed a new and largely unknown rapper from Texas while 2 Chainz announced a run for mayor of his hometown and J. Cole opened up about “Fire Squad” in an interview with Combat Jack.

Retchy P Says He Wishes Wale Died Instead Of A$AP Yams

Shortly after A$AP Yams’ death, Retchy P took to Twitter and said he wished someone else had died in his stead. “IT SHOULDA BEEN FLO RIDA,” he wrote. “OR ROSCOE DASH.”

On Saturday, Retchy Tweeted, “SHOULDA BEEN @WALE.”

Read the full story on HipHopDX here.

Justin Mohrle Signs To Aftermath Records

Dr. Dre apparently signed a new artist to Aftermath Records in 23-year old Garland, TX native Justin Mohrle.

D Magazine recently profiled the young emcee and spoke with The D.O.C. about introducing Mohrle to Dre.

“JT and I worked on a couple songs; Dre fell in love with the songs; Dre stole the songs from the kid, because he wanted to put them out as a unit,” D.O.C. told the magazine. “That’s the way this house is rolling. We’re all putting our energy toward building another classic for The Good Doctor. Then he’s going to take his time to help us build a classic for the youngster.”

Read more about the signing here.

Bobby Shmurda Still Facing Gun Charge

After early reports that Bobby Shmurda had a June 2014 gun charge dismissed from his pending, GS9-related criminal cases, XXL clarified their original story after a representative for the Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s office told the publication that the rapper’s gun charge was dismissed by the Brooklyn D.A. but can still be used in court.

The case being dropped by the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office was reportedly a “procedural step” to have the charge fall under the purview of the Special Narcotics case.

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