Riff Raff’s latest social media posts reveal that the rapper has added some weight.

The Neon Icon has gone from 170 to 225 pounds, with the aim of reaching 240, in order to tag-team wrestle in the WWE with Terry “Hulk” Hogan.

Yesterday, (January 28) Riff Raff took to Twitter to share with his fans an image displaying his new muscular frame.

“170 TO 225 Pounds,” he wrote via Twitter. “BEFORE & AFTER.”

Riff Raff says that he is gaining pure muscle on the road and plans to become the best icon he can be.

Hulk Hogan announced the pairing in a video released last month.

“I felt the energy in the universe changing because when I was hangin and bangin with my friend Diplo, I felt a riff being born brother,” Hogan says in the video. “ Well, when he was tip toeing around the universe in his Jordans, he knew sooner or later that the power, the energy of the neon maniacs would turn on the light. I knew he would stop tip toeing around and start power walking around on his neon pythons….Whatchu goona do when the neon runs wild on you?”

How did Riff Raff put on the pounds?

He says that he gained weight by eating lots of fast food and pumping iron on a daily basis.

The Vice series Munchies captured the rapper’s new routine.

“Now my new thing is gaining weight and feeling great…My goal is to blow up and not know nobody,” he says within the episode. He also tells viewers that he has given up drugs and alcohol, in order to pursue his goals.

“I hate hearing people say, ‘oh he’s on drugs, oh he’s not going to be nothing’ like I can choose not to do drugs,” he says. “Drugs are nothing to me. I’m not addicted to anything. Once I see, like drugs and alcohol are getting in the way of me becoming the icon I’m gonna be, then it’s time for me to make a change. ”

The rapper announced giving up cocaine and molly in late 2014.

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