According to TMZ, Houston, Texas rapper RiFF RAFF has chosen to give up both cocaine and molly. The publication reports that RiFF RAFF’s decision to give up cocaine and molly comes after a four year-long addiction to the two drugs.

Although the musician is giving up cocaine and molly, he has no plans on stopping his marijuana use.

TMZ reports that RiFF RAFF chose to break his addiction months ago after being unable to take part in a celebrity basketball game for charity after getting high the night before.

He revealed that he’s turned to weightlifting to help battle his addiction and has gained 40 pounds since picking up the hobby.

“Whenever I have the urge to do coke or molly, I just pick up weights instead,” RiFF RAFF said, according to TMZ.

Last year, RiFF RAFF was arrested outside of Greensboro, North Carolina after police discovered marijuana and other narcotics and paraphernalia in his vehicle.

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