Killa Sha’s The Shepard album is slated to be released April 1, information being released exclusively through HipHopDX. 

Tragedy Khadafi, Large Professor, Gustavo “Distrolord’ Guerra and Killa Sha are executive producing the project. 

A longtime collaborator of Tragedy Khadafi and Mobb Deep, Killa Sha passed away January 18, 2010 due to complications from Diabetes.

Gustavo “Distrolord’ Guerra, who has worked with Ghostface Killah, Adrian Younge and others on their recent projects, penned the following letter to Killa Sha.

Dear Killa Sha,

Miss You Man!!!! My Big Brother isn’t here to build with me about Spiritually, Family and this crazy Industry we are in.

There are two memories of you that I always keep present and close to my heart: 

1. When the X-tra Large Show went off the air on Hot 97.1 and; 

2. When you called me while I battling through depression.

When the X-tra Large Show went off the air on Hot 97.1, folks just stopped picking up your calls; it was really messing with you because you always kept it official but this Industry is very shady — you can be in one day, and out the next. I came through to your Nana’s place, so we can review a few tracks off the mixtape you were getting ready to launch. We took a moment to go into the hallway to smoke, and you turned to me and said “Yo Son, you’re my Real Friend — Fuck that — you’re My Brother.” I looked at you and said, “you’re Killa Sha! 25 to Life / Killa Kidz! Fuck the Radio! You know these guys are Funny Bunny.” We laughed and started to work on God Walk On Water.

I went through a deep depression due to the passing of my Abu (father). One night I couldn’t take the pain anymore and started to cry for hours because of the hurt and sadness I was feeling. Then, you called me and things turned around.

I picked up the phone and before I could say anything you asked “God, you Good?” It was like you knew something was wrong with me. Immediately, you began to share your experience losing your mom at a young age, and how that made you feel. In true Sha fashion, you always saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and reminded me and yourself, that you were so blessed to have Nana in your life. 

It was a hard time for me because I would usually speak with Tragedy Khadafi about life, but he was locked up. I felt like I didn’t have anybody to release my frustration to – but YOU helped me get through this extremely difficult time and helped me become a stronger man.

I still can’t believe it has been 5 years since you left us in the Physical Form but I feel your Spirit is always with me – reminding me that you never died – you left a piece of you with me.

People have continuously asked me about the Shepard album, and my response is simple: “It’s not ready.” You and everyone else needs to understand, it’s weird to open up a Protools session and hear your voice — it takes me back in time. I finally sat down, mixed the records, and I am preparing to release the final product to the masses in your Honor — the way you would have liked it.

Nana and Princess miss so much! You made them the proudest Grandma and kid. Thank you for the amazing memories and allowing me to be a part of your family,

Your Little Brother

Gustavo “Distrolord’ Guerra

The Shepard cover art, tracklist and album credits are as follows:

Killa Sha

  1. Intro
  2. Full Command ft: G.O.D 3, Foul Monday, Ruc n Tragedy Khadafi Produced By: Shroom
  3. Black n Understanding Produced By: Dj Rated R
  4. Give It Up Produced By: Carnage
  5. Pressure Up Ft: Tragedy Khadafi Produced By: Nick Speed
  6. Interlude
  7. Stop Hating Produced By: Shroom
  8. Tell Me Produced By: Carnage
  9. 1712 Produced By: Jewelz Pollar
  10. Work It Out Produced By: ThoroTracks
  11. Keep The Faith Produced By: Dj Steady
  12. Cash Remix Produced By: Audible Doctor
  13. Pressure Up Remix

Produced By: Gustavo Dj Phantom” Guerra aka Distrolord

Executive Producers: Killa Sha, Gustavo “Distrolord’ Guerra, Tragedy Khadafi n Large Professor