2 Chainz and Nancy Grace’s face-off regarding the nation’s marijuana policy has garnered widespread attention.

Now, Tommy Chong, one-half of the duo Cheech & Chong, is weighing in on the debate.

In a recent joint-rolling segment with Complex, the marijuana advocate says Grace’s views are “hypocritical.”

“It’s hypocritical TV, because you know that Nancy and Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hennesy, they all smoke a ton of weed, whether they do it or their wife does it or their boyfriend,” he says within the clip.

“You know Nancy Grace, You don’t get to where she’s at without trying everything. She looks like the kind of chick that would have her mouth around practically anything. So, a marijuana cigarette is not a big stretch for her.”

Chong also had some positive feedback for 2 Chainz’ commentary.

He came off great,” he says. “He kept bringing back the fact that they are putting people in jail. They are using this stupid law to be racist to put Black people, brown people and hippies in jail. That day is done.”

Check out the full visual below:

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