Pharrell Williams captivated people at last year’s Grammy awards with his oblong headwear.

The beige, Vivienne Westwood hat had its moment, spawning a spoof Twitter account, numberous memes and becoming Pharrell’s go-to piece in multiple magazines.

Now, the hat has returned to the Grammys.

The annual awards show announced yesterday (January 14) that the hat will be installed in the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, beginning today (January 15).

Leading up to the awards, Pharrell‘s headwear, among other items, will be featured in the Grammy’s new ad campaign, “The Grammy Effect.”

The Grammy website calls the hat “one of the most iconic representations of the ‘GRAMMY Effect.'”

Arby’s purchased the hat for $44,100 in an auction established by Pharrell last year.

The hat will be on display at the Grammy Museum from January 15 – March 15.

Watch coverage of Pharrell’s hat in the Grammy spot below:

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