Days after rapper/producer Q-Tip gave fellow artist Iggy Azalea a lesson on Hip Hop via Twitter, the Aussie musician has responded to the former A Tribe Called Quest frontman’s series of tweets.

Azalea began her response by thanking both Lupe Fiasco and for defending her. She didn’t refer to Q-Tip by name, but appears to speak on his comments directly when she stated that she finds it “patronizing to assume i have no knowledge of something I’m influenced by, but I’ve also grown up with strangers assuming that.”

Over the weekend, Q-Tip directed nearly two dozen tweets, which touched on Hip Hop history and cultural appropriation, at Iggy Azalea.

In Iggy’s response, which she made yesterday (December 22), she explained that she has no desire “to sit on twitter & play hip hop squares with strangers to somehow prove i deserve to be a fan of or influenced by hiphop.”

And at one point in her Twitter response, Iggy commented on releasing what she referred to as “pop rap albums.”

Q-Tip’s Twitter history lesson shortly followed an interview Azealia Banks took part in with Hot 97 late last week. During her interview with the radio station, Banks accused Azalea of “cultural smudging” and once again referred to T.I. as a “shoeshining coon.”

Iggy Azalea’s full Twitter response can be found at

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