Among the numerous protests to take place over the past week in the wake of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo, the cop who fatally choked Eric Garner, was one at Bovard Auditorium at the University of Southern California last week.

According to, a die-in protest was scheduled at Bovard Auditorium on Thursday (December 4) during an Iggy Azalea concert.

In a Facebook invitation created by those who organized the die-in, Iggy Azalea was called out “for appropriating Black culture.”

“Are you angry that police are constantly getting away with murder and profiting off the loss of black lives? There may be cameras on them but that has not stopped them from innocently walking away from their crimes,” the Facebook invitation read, according to “The cameras should be on US so WE can have our voices heard. Iggy Azalea will performing in Bovard at 8pm. Like her or not, she has garnered attention and fame for appropriating Black culture. This is our opportunity to take her platform and help bring attention to much more important issues.”

The Aussie rapper, who was recently nominated for four Grammy Awards, addressed the die-in on Twitter when one of her followers pointed out that an alleged die-in participant was there “to shut sh*t down.” Iggy then referred to the protestor’s actions as “trolling in a real life.”

Iggy Protestors

Just recently, Iggy Azalea was criticized by fellow artist Azealia Banks for remaining “silent” on black issues.

Video from the die-in protest at Bovard Auditorium can be found below.

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