As an Australian artist in Hip Hop, rapper Iggy Azalea has been questioned numerous times on issues of race in the genre she’s become a part of. And during a recent interview with Complex magazine, the Aussie rapstress addressed double standards in music as she questioned why acts like The Rolling Stones are able to perform “black blues music” and no one seems to find an issue with the British group.

“The Rolling Stones go to America, play ‘black’ blues music, and nobody has a fucking issue with it or thinks it’s weird,” said Iggy. “But here we are, 50 years later, in the 21st century, and people are like, ‘This is so weird that you’re white, from another country, and you like black music.’ Why is it not weird for Keith Richards or Mick Jagger, but it’s so weird and taboo for me?”

The New Classic emcee, who credited the lack of an Australian accent in her music on vocal comfortability, continued to express her opinion on race in Hip Hop.

“If you’re mad about it and you’re a black person then start a rap career and give it a go, too. I’m not taking anyone’s spot, so make yourself a mixtape,” she continued. “Or maybe if you’re black, start singing like a country singer and be a white person. I don’t know. Why is it such a big deal? This is the entertainment industry. It’s not politics. You should be more concerned about the message, not the voices saying it.”

Despite a past feud with fellow rapper Azealia Banks, Iggy called for an increase in girl power in music as she spoke on her love for New York City singer Maluca and doted on her “Otis” remake with Detroit emcee Angel Haze, an artist who also drew notoriety due to a social media-fueled feud with Banks.

“I think every generation’s always had that kind of girl power girls and their cliques of girls that have got together and done cool things. And I want our generation to do that too,” Iggy revealed. “So, I really want to make more friends. And do more stuff like that Angel Haze thing because it made me feel really good. And I think people loved it more than they love to read an article about somebody dissing somebody. I think it gives more energy and it lasts much longer to do something, a cool collaboration.”

Lastly, the “Work” rapper shared a few details on her past relationship with A$AP Mob spitter A$AP Rocky. According to Iggy, despite a less than cordial split the two are currently on speaking terms.

“I definitely hated his guts and he hated my guts for a few months. It was a legit ‘Fuck you!’ ‘Fuck you!’ peace out. But once you’ve had a few months to look at things in retrospect you realize maybe you don’t hate that person, you hate whatever caused the breakup, and you both failed in the relationship,” she explained. “I don’t call him up and have conversations and I wouldn’t say Rocky is my friend, but there are times I’ve congratulated him on things he’s achieved and he occasionally congratulates me on shit that he’s proud of. We’re cordial and I respect him, but there’s a separation.”

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