Maryland emcee Logic and Grammy-winning rapper Big Daddy Kane agreed to collaborate on a track for Logic’s next album in a telephone exchange set up by manager Steve Lobel and published on Blurred Culture today.

“Hip Hop history going down,” manager Steve Lobel says in the video, while calling Logic and Big Daddy Kane.

“I see you doing some great things, man that’s beautiful,” Big Daddy Kane says to Logic.

“Man, thank you,” Logic says. “This is very surreal. Without you I wouldn’t be here, and I’m not trying to jump the gun or anything…you are somebody I would love to have on my album. ”

“Let’s make it happen brother,” Big Daddy Kane says. “It’d be an honor, whenever you are ready.”

Logic’s debut album, Under Pressure, was released to a 4.5/5 review from HipHopDX.

“The majority of Under Pressure’s depth comes from its depth of emotion, which is a byproduct of its great writing,” the HipHopDX’s review says. “Logic is a proficient storyteller in the linear sense. All of his songwriting has a purpose and it moves directly toward a given point that feeds back into one of the album’s themes — fragile relationships with relatives, his troubled past, his promising future, and his blending of his personal experience with that of the wider cultures.”

After striking the deal, LBC rapper Crooked I enters the fray with words of encouragement for Logic.

“Congrats on everything man,” Crooked I says. “We out here rooting for you. You are making real Hip Hop. It’s dope to be a witness.”

Lobel discusses the conversation, before ending the call with Logic.

“It’s crazy Logic, we just met yesterday,” Steve Lobel says. “But I don’t play games. You said you wanted Kane and I delivered in 24 hours.”

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