Logic recently released “Like Me,” a selection that he feels is an important piece for his fans. 

“This record actually has a lot of significance as far as lyrically,” Logic said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “This is one of the first songs where I really…In my career, my fans know [me], definitely, without a doubt with records like, ‘Dear God’ or ‘Dead Presidents III,’ where I have delved into who I am as a person and the things that I’ve gone through. However, I have never truly brought you into the world of like Bobby, the person. Kind of been a lot about Logic.” 

“I feel like with rappers and mixtapes, its kind of like, we rap and we show our worth,” Logic continued. “So it’s like, ‘I’m this good because I can rap like this, check out this style, check out this, that.’ That’s kind of what we do [with] mixtapes, to be honest. But with the album, it is totally different. I want this to be why my fans are my fans. I want them to get to truly know me. You can hear it in Kendrick’s mixtapes, you know, kind of being the best and you can hear it in Cole, just them rapping, but there are some really incredible songs that they have of great meaning and who they are, but I feel like in their album, that’s where we really got to know who they were, not only as rappers, musicians and artists, but as people.” 

Logic’s “Like Me,” also discusses the importance of knowledge of industry within the record business. For the emcee, this was also an important topic to cover.

“Just off the break you hear me talking about quotas and, ‘Yeah, you’ve got a deal,’ but do you even know how much your deal is really for, what you walked away with, what’s going to go into your recording budget, what’s going into your promotional budget, publicity and all these different things painting the picture of where I am now,” Logic said.

Logic’s “Like Me” is also a sign of things to come, Logic says.

“That’s what I am also going to be doing for the length of the album, just giving a really vivid picture of who I am and where I am and where I am going,” Logic said.    

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