In addition to producing Pusha T’s newly-released record, “Lunch Money,” Kanye West also helped with the concept for the record, according to the Clipse lyricist.

Pusha also revealed that he’s always been drawn to Kanye’s “unorthodox tracks” and couldn’t pass on the opportunity to jump on the beat for what would later become “Lunch Money.”

“The concept for ‘Lunch Money,’ it was a concept Kanye West had,” Pusha T said during an interview with MTV News. “And he knows that when he does these unorthodox tracks that I’m probably gonna be the first one up to bat when it comes to tackling it cause just—My sensibility with those type of beats is like—that’s just what I’m attracted to. So, he played it for me and man, I just went at it. I just went at it.”

The Virginia Beach, Virginia lyricist was later asked about any influence Public Enemy’s It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back record, “Rebel Without A Pause” may have had on “Lunch Money.” He revealed that that type of energy is what he’s hoping to channel for his upcoming studio album, King Push.

Pusha also spoke on releasing “Lunch Money” in “the spirit of competition” and wanting “to make a statement” with the Kanye-produced record.

“Well, that’s the type of energy I’m sort of looking for in creating this new King Push album,” he said. “It needs to be rebellious and angry. And just that energy. You know what I’m saying? I was trying to go for that, I have expressed that to him [Kanye West] so many times. So, I guess when he was cooking up, this is what he came up with…It’s the spirit of competition. I feel like I put out a record like this to make a statement. And I’m here to take everybody’s lunch money. I am…It’s a competitive sport, man.”

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