Now that Chicago, Illinois rapper Lil Durk has been released from jail after being freed on bond following a recent arrest, fellow artist Lil Jay is now suggesting that Durk snitched in order to be released on bond.

It was initially reported that Durk would be held without bond, but several days ago it was reported that the Windy City lyricist was in fact freed on bond. Following Durk’s release, Lil Jay released a video in which he suggests that the rapper snitched in order to be released on bond.

“Man, niggas is out here telling…How the fuck you out on three bonds for three [incoherent]? Come on man, impossible,” Lil Jay said in a video posted on “You working with them people. What’s your badge number? Attention everybody, watch out for Officer Durk. Aye, on some real shit I know real niggas been down for real time…Get locked up again and yo ass gon’ have no bond. You got to sit in there. Unless you tell on somebody…Niggas ain’t right. Niggas ain’t real, Officer Durk.”

Lil Durk was arrested at the top of this month after authorities investigating a homicide found him in a home with two handguns. Upon being arrested on November 5, Durk reportedly had this to say, according to the Chicago Tribune: “I got those pipes ’cause (expletive) always be tryin’ to take my bands.”

Over the past year, Lil Jay and Lil Durk have traded jabs with one another both on social media and on wax.

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