Former deejay for The D.O.C. and right-hand to Eazy-E, DJ Speed stopped by HipHopDX and spoke about the late rapper’s infamous relationship with manager Jerry Heller.

Explaining that Heller may not have played the role that the N.W.A. manager claims of himself, DJ Speed hinted that Eazy-E maintained their business relationship purely for the money-making opportunities it presented.

“I think Eric’s thing was, ‘This guy’s making me money, I just wanna see where this goes,” DJ Speed says in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “Eric always had other people that watched his back, like my man Charlie Jam, he used to be Ice T’s road manager. He was pretty much Eric’s advisor for a long time. If Eric had to have a conversation with Jerry and Jerry was saying something, Eric would [say], ‘Hey, let’s call up Charlie.’ Jerry didn’t like that ‘cause he knew Charlie was smart too. So he had a lot of people but I think just overall it was just like, ‘This guy is making me money so I gotta trust him at least for now.’ I think that drew the line with a lot of the group and just everything, him trusting Jerry. But as time goes on everything comes out the closet at some point. It just started really coming to light and that’s when it just, I guess he got rid of Jerry. Jerry’s always gonna try to make himself seem like he was the man and ‘Blah blah.’ It’s not like that. You were a dude who knew more than them of course but these are the people that had talent. You just helped that talent get to a higher level but you didn’t give Dre his talent, you didn’t give Ren his gift of writing and rapping. I haven’t read his book but I heard he lets a lot of people have it. You can’t write a book, let people have it, and then get mad because they do a movie. You gotta be in the movie, you were a part of all this. You were out there. And the guy they got playing him, he’s pure comedy. That Paul guy, he’s hilarious. He looks just like him.”

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