The D.O.C., S1 and Six 2 are among those featured in the forthcoming We From Dallas documentary on the history of Dallas Hip Hop. The film discusses the evolution of the culture in the Texas city since the 1980s, as well as the impact Dallas’ Hip Hop community has had on the overall culture. 

“Like any documentary, this project went through many evolutions and many different ideas of what story we would tell,” We From Dallas co-producer Joel Salazar says in an interview with the Dallas Observer. “In the end we wanted to empower the people of Dallas with the knowledge of their own story. Hip Hop started in the East but it grew here in Dallas pretty darn quickly.”

Members of the pioneering Dallas rap group Nemesis appear in the film, as does The D.O.C., the longtime Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg collaborator who is from Dallas but spent extensive time in the Los Angeles area since the 1980s while working with Dr. Dre and others as a solo artist and songwriter at Ruthless Records, Death Row Records and Aftermath Entertainment.

Other artists who appear in We From Dallas include Dr. Dre 2001 contributor Six 2, Cannabinoids members S1 a/k/a Symbolyc One (also of Strange Fruit Project) and Rob Free; Play from Grammy-winning production duo Play-N-Skillz (Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire); and members of Mad Flava. 

We From Dallas has been in development since 2011 and is slated to appear in a number of film festivals this fall. 

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