According to Albany, California rapper Lil Debbie, those who think her music is wack fit into either one of two categories. The former White Girl Mob member revealed that they’re either middle-aged or “don’t know good music.”

“I think the people that think I’m fuckin’ wack as fuck are older,” Lil Debbie said during an interview that premiered in the DX Daily yesterday (October 29). “And I think that people that think I’m wack as fuck don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. There’s a lot of people that—Like at my shows, I see come and sometimes they’re not turning up like the rest of the people are. I’m like ‘Oh, you’re one of those middle-aged mothafuckas on YouTube that seen ‘Ratchet.’ That seen ‘Bake A Cake.’ And was like ‘Oh, this is interesting. Let me go see what she’s about. Let me go see if that’s what she’s doing.’ You know what I’m saying? And it’s like I can tell bitch if you’re over the age of 28. I can tell how old you are instantly. I feel like it’s like the middle-aged people that think I’m wack or it’s the people that don’t know good music.”

Lil Debbie continued to address her critics and event cited her appearance on Hit-Boy’s We The Plug compilation album after being asked about those who think her music’s wack.

On We The Plug, Lil Debbie is featured on “The Pay,” which also features B-Mac The Queen.

“For the mothafuckas in here that are staring at me like, ‘This bitch is wack. I know good music.’ And you don’t know who Hit-Boy is,” she said. “You don’t know that I’m on this shit then you don’t know good music. And you’re fuckin’ wack…I’m wack, but I’m on We The Plug. But I’m wack? But my music sucks? Because you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. Because I know what the fuck I’m talking about. And it’s funny because when people are like ‘I don’t know who Hit-Boy is’ or ‘I don’t know who that producer is.’ I’m like ‘You’re wack as fuck. You don’t even know good music and you’re sitting here trying to judge me’…Spare me.”

The DX Daily featuring Lil Debbie can be found below.

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