Lil Debbie is set to release her upcoming EP, California Sweetheart, March 25, a project she says will reveal more information about herself than past efforts. 

California Sweetheart is me,” Lil Debbie says in an interview with Billboard. “It’s not White Girl Mob. It’s not RiFF RaFF…It’s me, all by myself. That’s rare.

“I’m very sarcastic,” Debbie continues. “I’m witty. I’m smoking weed most of the day. I think people get on the Internet and talk shit because they don’t really know who I am. I think this project is, finally, a full body of myself…I believe in making catchy music, not cheesy music. My shit is funny. They’re going to get stuck in your head.”

California Sweetheart is also scheduled to include work that focuses on love and heartache, she says.

“There’s some songs on there about heartbreak, about your man playing you, going and fucking another bitch, then coming and trying to fuck with you,” Debbie says. “There’s also songs about, ‘Do I like bitches or do I not like bitches?’ It’s stuff that girls can relate to.”

In 2013, Lil Debbie spoke with HipHopDX about her work with White Girl Mob and explained how she feels about the crew’s breakup.

“When we were 15 through 19, we were fucking living it up,” Debbie said at the time. “We really started getting into the music industry and shit. We’ve always rapped, but the thing about growing up in the Bay Area is that everybody raps. There’s someone you know that raps, and it’s all so closely knit. Kreayshawn was doing videos, and I was going alongside her, helping her almost like an assistant. Then we were doing music videos for rappers, and then we were rapping. Then we started doing party videos, where when we’d go out and film what we were doing—just day-to-day shit with each other, and what our life was really like. People really loved the videos, and they were literally just of what we were doing. We’ve always had fun. We’ve all been through so much together from 15 through 20. That’s a long time. Vanessa had babies. It’s just so much…the memories. I wish White Girl Mob could’ve stuck together, but we didn’t. That’s just how it goes.”

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