Explaining why he doesn’t like to hear Hip Hop artists make claims about “bringing New York back,” EPMD rapper and producer Erick Sermon spoke with HipHopDX about his experience of living in Atlanta for more than two decades.

“I don’t like that thing, that, ‘New York is back thing,’” he said in a clip that premiered in today’s DX Daily. “Everybody say, ‘I’m bringing New York back.’ I don’t like that. New York never went nowhere. You have underground people, people are making Hip Hop…They all over the place but it just ain’t mainstream and dope enough to go on radio ‘cause of how radio is. They never did that. There’s no bringing New York back. You gotta do what you have to do.”

Detailing his years of living in Georgia while watching New York’s music trends from a distance, Sermon also addressed the increased Hip Hop market share held in the Southern state.

“People know me for being in Atlanta,” he said. “I’ve been there for half of my career. When the group broke up, from ‘92 on I’ve been in Georgia. I used to watch them look at TV and be like, ‘Yo, why they doing that?’ They don’t wanna see us doing them. They like us for what we did but then we end up doing them and they lost respect. They’ll laugh in your face but they laughing, saying, ‘Look at them. They doing us and we used to watch them.’ That’s what they’re saying. They never gonna let this go if it was up to them. They laughing, happy. The Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta every year. They loving this shit. Who give a fuck about the culture and the history? We got it now. That’s how they feel.”

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