During a recent interview with Montreality, Kansas City, Missouri rapper Tech N9ne gave his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s “i” as he listened to the record for the first time. While listening to the Rahki-produced track, Tech expressed his uncertainty as to why some critics of the song felt it wasn’t reminiscent of Kendrick.

He then revealed that “i” will be “humongous” and added that fans of K-Dot would respect the song more if they were aware of the Isley Brothers sample on the record.

“Why they say that ain’t Kendrick? That’s Kendrick, baby,” Tech N9ne said. “And that’s the Isley Brothers too. You can’t go wrong…You know how good this gon’ sound live on stage with a live band? Y’all mothafuckas don’t understand that music. They don’t know that that’s [the] old Isley Brothers song, ‘Who’s That Lady’…If the [young] mothafuckas knew what it came from they would respect it. That’s Kendrick. That’s Kendrick. That’s my nigga all day…That’s dope. That’s gon’ be humongous. That can be—That music’s gonna be in commercials for Beats and everything.

“We learn from each other, man,” he added. “We was on tour with each other and we pick up shit from each other. We’re both great. He said that I inspire him. And he inspires me…He has his own style, so do I. And we learn things from each other and take tips.”

Tech N9ne was later asked about fellow rapper Eminem breaking the Guinness World Record for the most words in a hit single. According to Tech, who says he isn’t concerned with breaking any records with his music, his older records would likely break any Guinness World Record for the number of words in a song.

“If they were to take one of my songs I wrote in ’93 they would say ‘God damn.’ That’s what I do,” he said. “So, if you listen to ‘Worldwide Choppers’ it’s probably way more words. But I ain’t—He did a lot in ‘Rap God.’ But I don’t never count my words. I ain’t never had nobody count my words. And I don’t care to because I write my life…If somebody wanna count ‘em they could, but I ain’t in competition with that man. So, he can have that shit.”

In his interview with Montreality, Tech N9ne again confirmed that former Strange Music artist Jay Rock is “fully TDE now” and no longer signed to his label. He went on to salute Jay Rock and encouraged the TDE lyricist to “kill it” at his current label home.

“He’s now fully TDE now,” the rapper said. “You know what I’m saying? We did what we were supposed to do for him, for the homie. And pushed him forward to get his album out cause Warner Bros. wasn’t doing it. We fulfilled that. Now Top Dawg…are able to take Jay Rock and do what he’s supposed to do on his next album. So, we salute Jay Rock. And I told him ‘You better kill it, mothafucka.’ And he will.”

Tech N9ne’s interview with Montreality can be found below.

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