The beef between T.I. and Lil Flip was once again revisited during a newly-released, Vlad TV interview with T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. The former Xscape member revealed that she remembers the feud between the two rappers like it was yesterday and added that their beef “was deep.”

According to Tiny, Flip “went out of bounds” when he rapped about killing T.I.’s kids. She later added that the Houston, Texas lyricist wasn’t ready for war when he went at T.I.

“That Lil Flip beef was really—It was deep,” Tiny said. “And I remember going through that like yesterday. Just getting the calls. Getting the messages…And Tip is pretty hot-headed. And he can be over the top sometimes. But at that point Lil Flip had kinda went out of bounds. Talking about his kids. And the things that he was saying was just way out of line. Talking about killing some kids. Whose kids you gonna kill? That kinda stuff you don’t do that. Especially if you ain’t ready for war. You just don’t do that. And he wasn’t ready.”

Tiny later added that she was a fan of Lil Flip prior to his beef with T.I., but could no longer listen to Flip following the threats he allegedly made against her kids.

“I couldn’t like him no more after he was talking about killing my kids anyway. So, whatever,” she said.

Most recently, Houston rapper Lil Keke commented on the past feud between T.I. and Lil Flip, which led to various diss records and an alleged brawl. According to Keke, Flip was “outside of his character” during his beef with the Hustle Gang helmsman.

“I felt like Flip kinda jumped outside of his character going into some gangster stuff or whatever,” Lil Keke said during an interview with Vlad TV in May. “He probably could have stayed in his lane and it wouldn’t have happened. And also on the T.I. side of it, I feel like ‘T.I., no matter how much we love you and believe you, you not gonna be able to come to the city and do that’…I’m kinda glad it’s over. Cause I love T.I. And Flip from the city. And it just was a—it went the wrong way a little bit.”

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