When asked how her husband T.I. responded to the release of her record “What The Fuck You Gon’ Do,” Tameka “Tiny” Cottle revealed that the rapper didn’t offer much of a response. She went on to explain that T.I. hasn’t been very open-minded when it concerns her re-entry into the music business.

She also shared that T.I. preferred to hear “What The Fuck You Gon’ Do” at the same time as everyone else as opposed to hearing the song before its release. According to Tiny, the simultaneous release of “What The Fuck You Gon’ Do” and T.I.’s “Stay” was not planned and was a “terrible” coincidence for her given the varying content featured in both songs.

“He heard the song the same day you guys heard the song…I asked him about playing the song just to see what he thought,” Tiny said during an interview with Vlad TV. “How he would feel about it. And he said to me ‘I would rather hear it when everybody else hear it.’ Okay. So, that’s what happened. It just so happens that we put a song out on the same day, which was terrible for me. Because it’s like ‘I want you to stay. I’mma beg you to stay.’ And I’m out there talking about ‘What the fuck you gon’ do?’ But I love the song that he put out…He’s not really so open-minded to me coming back into the music business, to be honest with you. And it’s something that he has to really get used to. And I just think that he’s dealing with it in his own way. And definitely not coming to me talking about any music.”

For years, Tiny was a member of the Atlanta-based R&B group Xscape along with fellow songstress/reality star Kandi Burruss and several other singers. She’s been on a music hiatus since her departure from the group with the exception of the occasional song release.

Tiny later spoke on choosing to release “What The Fuck You Gon’ Do” when she did and why she feels the song is “a women’s anthem.”

“It is about my relationship,” she said. “What I was going through at the time when I wrote it. It was a year ago when I did this song. And it was something that I was feeling. I guess with all of the things playing out and coming out. And whatever’s being said. I felt like this was the proper time for me to release this song. And how I feel, where I’m at. And I also felt like this was a song for women. It’s a women’s anthem. We all at one time or another know ‘What are you gonna do?’ to our man. And I felt like why not express this and give this for the ladies?”

The release of “What The Fuck You Gon’ Do” came at a time when both T.I. and Tiny were battling rumors of an alleged relationship between Tiny and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather.

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