During a newly-published interview with Vlad TV, Houston rapper Lil Keke was asked to recall the beef between fellow lyricists Lil’ Flip and T.I.

Although the former feud is behind all artists involved, Lil Keke still refused to take sides, but did state that Lil’ Flip’s “gangster approach” to his beef with T.I. ultimately backfired. He also added that regardless of what Lil’ Flip’s faults may have been, there was no way T.I. was going to come into their neighborhood in search of the rapper.

“Not taking no sides,” Lil Keke said. “City or no city. I love my city. I rep my city, but this the thang that I wish. I wish Flip would have stayed more like a Kirko [Bangz] right now. From 15 to 25. You know, he was getting so much money like that. He was a young kid getting some money. I just think the gangster approach that he took it kinda backfired against him. Because we didn’t look at him in that kind of light. You know what I’m saying? Now don’t get me wrong, this serious though. T.I. came to the city and came in the neighborhood and everything, but it didn’t go like what he thought. We feeling what you saying, but it wasn’t just gonna go like that. So, it went both ways.

“I felt like Flip kinda jumped outside of his character going into some gangster stuff or whatever,” he added. “He probably could have stayed in his lane and it wouldn’t have happened. And also on the T.I. side of it, I feel like ‘T.I,. no matter how much we love you and believe you, you not gonna be able to come to the city and do that’…I’m kinda glad it’s over. Cause I love T.I. And Flip from the city. And it just was a—it went the wrong way a little bit.”

Lil Keke further commented on Flip’s “gangster approach” backfiring on him and even shared his belief that that’s the reason why the rapper’s music career went downhill following his rift with T.I.

He says that Lil’ Flip tried to enter into a new lane of music and ended up losing his former fanbase.

“My city we’re far from battle rappers,” the H-Town rapper said. “We not into that at all. It’s just like me going to do a battle rap right now. I just have no type of battle rap skills at all. You understand what I’m saying? I just jump into a whole new level and lane. And put myself in this lane and now I wanna be a battle rapper and I have absolutely no fans here. You know what I’m saying? To support what I’m gonna do…I kinda think Flip popularity sort of—because he was in a new lane of music. Like T.I. was already on this side of music.”

The feud between Lil’ Flip and T.I. was spawned nearly a decade ago and resulted in the release of diss records from both parties and an alleged brawl between both rappers in Houston in 2005.

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