T.I. helped rescue a woman who had been involved in a car accident, according to TMZ

According to the publication, T.I. says he was driving to a Popeye’s establishment in Inglewood, California Wednesday (April 30). He says he witnessed a car accident involving a taxi cab slamming into an SUV. The SUV, he says, tumbled on its side. 

When T.I. went to help the driver of the SUV, he says she responded with, “Is that T.I.?”

According to the report, T.I. stayed with the driver until an ambulance came. He says he went to a different Popeye’s following the incident because “that one had too much going on.”

The woman in the car reportedly told T.I. that she was not wearing underwear. She says he replied with the following: “Don’t worry. We won’t look.” 

The driver of the SUV is reportedly doing fine after the accident.

This incident reportedly took place on the same day that T.I. and Game confronted LAPD officials outside of Supperclub in Los Angeles, California following an altercation between security guards and associates of the rappers. 

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