Young Thug, who’s often referred to Lil Wayne as his favorite artist, says he might call one of his albums Tha Carter VI, a nod to Weezy’s Tha Carter album series.

“I dunno, ’cause Wayne’s coming out with more albums,” Young Thug says in an interview with MTV’s Rob Markman. “I don’t know if he’s gonna name one of them Carter VI. It depends on what he names his album.”

In the clip, Thug says that he would also like to make more Tha Carter albums. He says he would like to make Tha Carter VI through Tha Carter X, adding, “He did I to V, I wanna do VI to X.” 

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter V, scheduled to be released October 28, is set to be Weezy’s final installment in the series. He’s also said it might end up being his last album altogether.

In February 2014, Thug called Wayne his “idol.”

In June 2014, Thug said he gets his “genius” from Lil Wayne.

In May 2014, Birdman, who has become a mentor to Thug, says he sees a lot of Lil Wayne in the rapper.

“I know [Thug is] a big fan of Wayne,” he said. “And we embrace Thug [as] our little brother. We come from the projects, New Orleans. That lifestyle we come from. I wanted to do better for me. To do better for them. To do better for us. When I see Thug, he come from that same cloth. From these streets. And I see an opportunity to help him change not just his life, [but] his family’s life, his homies’ life. And make a difference in this world. And it’s through music, something that I’m powerful in. And I wouldn’t do nothing but bless him in every way possible. I’mma do everything within my powers to make him as big as he possibly can be and want to be.”

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