Young Thug walked through Los Angeles’ L.A.X. airport while carrying and drinking a double cup of lean, according to TMZ.

The publication reports that he has a double cup of sizzurp, another name for lean, which also goes by purp. When he is asked if he’s drinking purp, Young Thug says, “You know what it is.”

At least one of the cups Thug is using in the clip comes from Chick-fil-A. “Chick-fil-A sell it now,” he says.

TMZ’s report notes Thug does not confirm it’s purp. “[He] didn’t specifically say sizzurp, but he laughed when we asked and said we knew exactly what it was … so there you go. As you know … the signature of sizzurp is the double cup.”

In the clip, Thug is also asked where he gets his “genius” from. His reply: Lil Wayne. 

In the past, he’s referred to Lil Wayne as his idol

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