In an exclusive interview that premiered in the DX Daily today (September 16), Torae said, “50 [Cent] is bipolar. 50 is 100 percent bipolar.”  

The Coney Island rapper said that he spoke with several people before reaching this conclusion. “I know way too many people who describe him the same way and it all leads back to him being,” Torae says. “He’s like two different people.”

Torae also stated that when rectifying any situation, 50 knows he has the upper hand. “Young Buck will call 50 a million times,” he says. “Until 50 is ready to rectify the situation, it doesn’t matter.”

Torae and Skyzoo released their Barrel Brothers album in May. Some artists featured on the project are Blu, Sean Price and Sha Stimuli, while the set’s producers include DJ Premier and Illmind.

In April, 50 Cent said that Game acted bipolar.

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